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Hi, I'm Marita Espada! 👋🏽

In 2013 I left everything and everyone I knew back in Puerto Rico and moved to Silicon Valley, with just three suitcases, no home, one job offer and little to no money. Throughout the years I became obsessed with creativity & the personal growth journey. In the past ten years I have made it my mission to learn more and create content around mental clarity, sustainable growth and mindful living.

With the idea to help others who are looking to take the small steps, they need to live a more fullfied life. In the podcast I speak with my guests about their own journeys and what they have learned along the way.

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The podcast dives into the minds and lives of people from all walks of life. These inspiring humans share stories from life, leadership, business, and other interesting topics. We even deep dive into their personal journeys, to uncover their life philosophies, strategies and tools that help them live happier, healthier more grounded and balanced lives. In each episode, podcaster, meditation coach, senior tech leader and soon to be author Marita has conversations with guests that can empower you to live in a more purposeful and impactful way.

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